Tennis Plymouth runs coaching squads at Hill Lane Tennis Club.

All squads are structured to include.

Full Coaching Programme below:

If you are a School, University or Club and would like a quote to run coaching sessions please contact John on

We also run coaching sessions for adults and juniors at
Hill Lane Tennis Club and Devonport Park.

Hill Lane offers two free Junior taster sessions on Saturday mornings “To book contact John”


 All squads are structured to include:
• Coaching
• Match Play
• Fitness

There are various sessions:
• Red
• Orange
• Green
• Yellow

We also offer adult:
• Coaching
• Match Play
• Sessions

Coaching Program
Junior Sessions
Monday 5.30-6.30pm Yellow Ball Glenn
Wednesday 4.45-5.30pm Red Ball "
" 5.45-6.45pm Orange/Green Ball "
" 6.00-7.00 Yellow Ball Invitation John
Thursday 6.30-8.00 HL Club Night Glenn
Friday 5-6.30pm Yellow (invitation) John
" 5.30-6.30pm Yellow Ball Glenn
Saturday 9am-10am Red/Orange/Green John/Glenn
" 10.15-11.15am Yellow Ball 11 & over John/Roxanne
" 11.15-12.30 yellow Ball (invitation) Glenn
The Above Sessions take place at Hill Lane
The Club offers two free tester sessions to Saturday sessions only
Adult Sessions
Monday 6.30-7.30 rusty rackets John
" 7.30-8.15 cardio "
Tuesday 10.00-12.00 HL Members Session n/a
" 6.30-8pm Coaching-Matchplay John
Wednesday 7.30-9pm Drills and things(invitation) "
Thursday 6-7pm HL Members Session Free "
Sunday 1230-2pm Coaching clinic/matchplay "
" 2-4 pm HL Members Session n/a
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Individual Lessons

Contact: for more details.

John - £19.00 per hour

Glenn - £18.00 per hour